Will Hoyt

Regarding Porn

Andy Warhol April 1, 2014
As Mary Eberstadt has recently pointed out over at First Things, evidence is accumulating that the current day usage of pornography is taking a toll on marriages and families. And, as Reinhard Hutter later added in a different FT…
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The Crafting of the Fourteenth Amendment

Bingham March 21, 2014
Several years ago, after driving past the impressively proportioned Harrison County Courthouse in my hometown of Cadiz for the hundredth time, I thought I ought to stop and look and in general confirm the identity of the man whose likeness…
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Rock n’ Roll, Inc: The Power Source Behind America’s Founding and its Operational Strength

1839-meth (2) March 14, 2014
It is often said that Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 1839 essay, “Self Reliance”, is the real American Declaration of Independence, and to a certain extent this is true. Emerson was a new Adam, and he deliberately proclaimed a new Heaven and…
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What You Need to Know About Henry David Thoreau

088-walden-pond-2 August 25, 2013
This is an entry in FPR’s One Thousand Words series. Over the next few months, perhaps longer, several dozen contributors will tell us what we need to know about a wide variety of figures—some obscure, some not—in one thousand words…
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The Flaw in Jefferson’s Idea of Ward Republics

Thomas_Jefferson_by_Mather_Brown June 14, 2012
Thomas Jefferson’s agrarianism has long been vulnerable to attack by unsympathetic critics. Given that Jefferson ultimately banks on virtue rather than folly, this is of course to be expected; but the agrarian part to his vision is also vulnerable on…
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Why We Consent to the Wholesale Destruction of Good Land

cadiz strip mining June 4, 2012
Harrison County, Ohio. After I first moved to Harrison County, my smaller children used to beg that we drive home after excursions via a little-used road that passes through a contour mine. They liked to be scared by abandoned equipment…
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