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Broody Hens and the Sustainable Farmstead

My farmstead poultry flock is sustained by a handful of broody hens—female fowl who have somehow retained their ancient instinct to nest and hatch...

Technique and Food: Why our Local Food System does not Feed...

Here are the local puzzle pieces that we somehow need to fit together: great farms; committed, hard working farmers; a university of world class researchers; a highly participatory local political system; obesity; unemployment; lack of food processing capacity; plentiful fresh food that doesn't reach our plates; farmers going out of business; and fundraisers to buy farmland that people can't farm.

Facebook and Friendship

Whatever else you make of Facebook friendship, it underscores the great and significant discrepancy between: 1) the scale of contemporary life, and 2) the scale of friendship.

Jawboning: A Tale of Two Hardware Stores

Hamilton, Ontario. The other day I was standing in a cavernous mega-chain hardware store looking for gardening supplies. This was not an easy task...