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The Right to Lie

If you must lie, measure it against your own self-interest and make sure it is legal, and if at all possible try not to do it under oath.

Up Against the Wall

No one was barred from the conversation back when there was a conversation. No dispatch ever read, “Wingnut Henry David Thoreau today issued a manifesto from his compound near Walden Pond…”

Stopping a Streetcar with an Umbrella

It is autumn in Amsterdam and damp. The twilight is coming. I await a streetcar to take me home through the labored-over canals, the old working-class neighborhoods on the Amstel. They bear the marks of the generations’ industry, of their i...

The Front Porch Agenda?

With all the talk about “what is to be done,” in terms of a decentralizing political agenda, I thought I’d throw some ideas out there, with the intent only of providing a beginning point to a discussion.  Some of the ideas...