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Feeding the World from the Bottom Up

It is natural and normal, when looking at big problems, to look for big answers. Problems do not come much bigger than the subject...

Agriculture vs. Agribusiness

A visit to a CAFO makes it clear that to have sustainable agriculture, you have to make sustainable the lives and livelihoods of the people who do the work.

Why I Shouldn’t Have To Pay Federal Tax On My IPA

If you want a reason to reach for a beer, read this piece, preferably at a bar featuring IPA’s during Happy Hour.

Medaille and Manufacturing

The book does a great service in dismantling economic shibboleths about trade, money, labor, and markets, and then reconstructing them along different premises that conform with both human happiness and economic efficiency.

On the Agripositive Side. . . .

Milford, Indiana. We'll take what we can get. In this mysterious, sky-drenched land of contradiction--where letter jackets are still common and a tapas bar, of...