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An American Augustine

The various parts—historical and autobiographical, theological and literary—all contribute to the central thread: that we seek wholeness, and that wholeness depends on better understanding ourselves and our damaged, but not lost, chances for community.

Finding Arcadia: The Garden in the Cosmos in Latin Literature

Paul Krause examines the politics of Latin literature and discovers a desire for peace and joy, a peace and joy found in an intimate environment of beauty which the poets, even theologians, described as a garden. But the race to Arcadia runs through strife, war, and murder.

Waiting, Seeing, and Receiving

Advent is a reminder that God has not forgotten—that He is faithful to His promises, that we're not left to our own devices, that he hears and knows.

The Forgotten Conservative Value: Wilderness

The Wilderness calls forth the bond of community, labor, and leisure. It calls forth the best in humanity, so long as humans understand their relationship to the Wilderness.

Pilgrims Longing for Home

As someone who appreciates the value of place, rootedness, and limitations on my horizon of vision, I’m afflicted with deep sense of unease as...

Ciceronian Society Conference at UVA, March 29-31

FPR readers are invited to attend the coming Ciceronian Society Conference at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, March 29-31. All attendance to observe...

Formal Augustinian Revenges

Devon, PA.  A few years ago, Jason Peters swore Learical revenges on me for reprinting a poem of mine on the debauchery of Michigan...

Stephen Hawking Proves the Existence of God

Obfuscating language and philosophical ignorance do not prevent Hawking from suggesting that modern physics confirms Christian cosmology. Nature really does conform to uncreated law.

Fired for the Natural Law, Part II: Toward a Marriage of...

Our conception of nature is too thin, too reliant upon the conceptions of the ancient Stoics, and so requires the more robust visions of Aristotle and Aquinas if moral debate is not to become intractable.

Fired for the Natural Law, Part I: Against the Laws of...

The precincts of higher education have become so well known for their enormities and absurdities in the pursuit of political correctness that one may almost breeze past the latest episode at the University of Illinois—Champaign/Urbana. There, Kenneth Howell, an adjunct associate professor , has been fired for “hate speech.”