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Smitten With The Mitten: Beer in SW Michigan

Holland, MI Most “beer ranking lists” have Michigan somewhere in the top 5 of best beer states. I don’t need a list to tell me...

Why I Shouldn’t Have To Pay Federal Tax On My IPA

If you want a reason to reach for a beer, read this piece, preferably at a bar featuring IPA’s during Happy Hour.

The ADM of MLB, R.I.P.

Might Steinbrenner be to professional baseball what an agribusiness is to farming?

Cocktails at the Dump

My father in-law, Ron, tells me a story of what life was like when he moved his young family (my wife not yet born)...

Beer and Civic Life

Claremont, CA. The news is dreadful: According to the Census, since 2006 we have been living in a republic where, for the first time...