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Atticus, Scout, and the Gift of Children: On Reading To Kill...

This is the humbling gift our children offer. If we seek to shape their character, at some point in the journey we’ll find ourselves backed into a corner, faced with our own hypocrisy.

The End of Childhood Play

Too many children grow up learning no lessons, organising no peers, and exploring no territory, unless it be shifting electrons around a screen, and the screen becomes their world.

In Praise of the Children’s Choir Accompanist

Every few weeks, in what I assume is a uniquely Protestant ritual, a dozen small children stand at the front of our church and...

The Craft of Education

“Then education is the craft concerned with doing this very thing, this turning around, and with how the soul can most easily and effectively...

You, Child, are Our Bond

“And children seem to be a bond of union.” Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics Moved by these words of Aristotle, I write here... An Open Letter to My...

Gifting Children

Some friends and I are celebrating the good news that one of our company was expecting another child. None of us are the Duggars,...

The Beauty of Tolkien’s Quest

Tolkien understands the deepest of our longings and makes us understand them better than before.

Where Are All the Grownups?

Why is it taking so long for Americans to become “real” grown-ups?

Why Australia Needs a Renewed Culture of Natural Marriage

Human nature, innate human longings, human biology, and human history are all on your side.

Having Kids Who Have Kids

Bryan Caplan ignores the role religious belief plays in fertility rates.