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Fighting Loneliness in the Northern Virginia Swamps

The happiest boomers I know love nothing more than talking with their old friends about their new grandchildren. So, my holiday recipe for fighting loneliness is lots of face-to-face talking–with strangers, family, and everyone between.

Meaningless Manchester: Do Provincial Cities Exist?

It is meant to reference, to supplement, but also to circumvent. Manchester doesn’t do smog or spinning jennies anymore. It’s a friendly city. Come on in.

The Little Way of Raymond Chandler

Or, "Shaken and Stirred: The Cosmopolitan, the City, and the Regime of God" Queens, NY The following essay was presented at FPR's annual conference in Louisville...

City Liberty, Country Liberty

It's clear to me that one of the primary things people (in the United States, certainly, but also elsewhere) think about when trying to...

The Big (Organic) Apple

Claremont, CA. The Big Apple dreams of the organic apple. Everywhere you look in The New York Times these days, somebody is talking about organic...