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Shared Governance and Mandatory Training: The New Incoherence

So long as gravity obtains, sawing off the branch you’re sitting on is never a good idea.

Politics as Religion: A Brief Assay Essayed after Midnight

For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds; / Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds.

Crazy Quilt Conservatism

Hidden Springs, VA.Last week the Washington Post ran a story titled “Rethinking the Classroom: Obama’s Overhaul of Public Education.” The piece described the various...

Provincializing the University: A Proposal for Reform

Last November, FPR readers may recall, some of our writers held a panel discussion on The Place of Education at the University of Notre...

The Sustainability Stampede

The diversity club ran its course, and has been replaced with "second-wave environmentalism," a.k.a. our culprit, sustainability.

Not a “Modern Family” At All

Claremont, CA. ABC’s hit series “Modern Family” has returned to the air for its second season. It’s the “modern” elements of the “Modern Family” that...

Diversity Industry

This week I received a directive (the precise source of the directive is not clear nor is the intent) to demonstrate that in my...

Academic Porn

The latest from the University of Maryland is a brohaha over the effort by a state legislator to discourage (through the threat of withholding...