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Allegories of Pruning: Cutting for Growth

Pruning is difficult because we are forced to make a conscious decision to remove something that has been part of a growing plant. But these cuts are necessary and even life-giving.

Restoring the Shire: A Review of The Wonders of Creation

How else does their work inspire you to think differently about your own relationship to your own places? Take action in your own property, if you have it, and in your local community.

Not Hasty Enough: The God of the Garden by Andrew Peterson

“Growing things are good” isn’t a sufficiently coherent claim for a book. While the questions and problems that Andrew Peterson raises in The God of the Garden are thorny and complex, his ideas deserve greater development.

Food and “the job of getting it there”

In Charles Frazier’s 1997 novel Cold Mountain, a minister’s daughter decides after her father’s death to remain on their western North Carolina farm, rather...

Once More to the Garden (Then to the Trout Streams): ...

I wonder if Mr. Big in the sky would be willing to give us a Do-Over.

Why Everyone Should Plant Seeds This Week

“Of the art of acquisition then there is one kind which by nature is a part of the management of a household, in...

The Cincinnatus of Thrift

Russell Arben Fox remembers well his thrifty grandmother, and so do I, and so do you, perhaps.  For the rest of the nation there...

White House Garden

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090319/ap_on_go_pr_wh/white_house_garden The White House is getting a garden.  Will this inspire millions to do the same? Will Obama pull his own weeds? Can a First...