Tag: Inequality

Not a “Modern Family” At All

Claremont, CA. ABC’s hit series “Modern Family” has returned to the air for its second season. It’s the “modern” elements of the “Modern Family” that...

Your Huddled Masses, Yearning To Make Par

I people really want to see the current state of the union, they need to take a look at my favorite part of Liberty State Park, which is the fact that it recently has been bisected – rent in two – by the Liberty National Golf Course.

You’re Probably Looking For Porn

Claremont, CA. If you don’t want to read the new report from Harvard Business School, titled “Understanding Users of Social Networks,” you can just...

Another Bad Idea In American Public Schooling

Claremont, CA. Outside of Los Angeles County, few people have heard about the latest dangerous idea in public education. Two local public school districts have...

The Places of Teen Pop Culture

It's not only that the richest people are getting richer; it's the richest places, too. And even within regions -- southern California, say -- rich suburbs have become wealthier and other suburbs' fortunes have declined. "Just as the gap between rich and poor widened at the individual level," Dreier and company note, "it widened tremendously between suburban places." You can see this trend reflected, among other places, in that great bellwether of American life: teen cinema.