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On Milosz, Exile, and Humane Art

Was it his commitment to truth in art that ultimately preserved his faith? Perhaps—God may have worked in that mysterious way. He seemed, late in life, to come to an acceptance, a peace, and he embraced more fully his Catholic faith. In the end, he went quietly, full of years, absolved.

For Craft and Country: Richard Wakefield’s Eminent Domain

Richard Wakefield’s book of poems takes its place as one more important and hard-won advance in the restoration of good poetry to our culture.

The Population Bomb

Not with a bang, but a whimper . . .

Milliner on Wilson, Wilson on Gioia: Catholic Intellectuals and Modern Culture

Matthew J. Milliner explicates "Art and Beauty," while Dana Gioia wins Notre Dame's Laetare Medal

Beauty and Other Transcendentals

Devon, PA.  The penultimate installment of "Art and Beauty against the Politicized Aesthetic" has now appeared at First Principles.  In Part V, I had...

Jacques Maritain on Art and Work

Devon, PA.  In the early pages of Jacques Maritain's Art and Scholasticism, he provides a philosophy of art that restores "art," in the sense...

Novel, Myth, Reality: An Anatomy of Make-Believe

For Maureen Drdak, If she will accept it as part of our good conversation. Devon, PA. I shall be returning to the following subject frequently in the next...

No Angel: Second Thoughts on Sarah Palin

East Lansing, MI. Mark Mitchell's brief essay on Sarah Palin reminded me of a Treasonous Clerk installment I wrote back in November, contemplating the...