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Pale Liberalism

It is time to reopen the questions about human nature, about human autonomy, about the desirability self-creation. Liberals should, in brief, broaden their horizons to ponder competing views of human flourishing.

Philanthropic freedom, freedom of association, and CLS v. Martinez

I hope that a Porcher will react at length to today's dispiriting, but not too surprising, Supreme Court ruling in CLS v. Martinez, which...

Why I am a Conservative

If you love place, limits, liberty, and think they are words that have meaning, you are probably conservative, and should honor that word also.

Defining Red Toryism (Again)

A scholar suggests that Phillip Blond's Red Toryism is just another word for conventional conservatism. He may be right about Blond, but he's definitely not about the idea.

A Note on Right, Left, and Lasch at the Present Time

If Lasch couldn't express a way for leftists and localists to speak the same language, perhaps no one can.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Cotton’s Court

Ralph Nader recently spoke at a university in the Heart of Dixie. We tried to build some bridges.

God’s Economy

Bush's strong effort to restore the freedom of the church took the political side of this freedom for the whole meaning of the tradition. At the same time, his supply-side policies benefiting the wealthiest Americans could not have been more antithetical to the social-pluralist vision that inspired his faith-based initiative.

Counterfeiting Conservatism

My latest at "The American Conservative"

Progressive Liberalism Or: How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love...

American Liberalism:  An Interpretation for Our Time by John McGowan.  (Chapel Hill:  The University of North Carolina Press, 2007). Moorpark, CA. If the current administration is...

Conservatism as Literary Movement

Devon, PA.  Last month, I alerted FPR readers to the appearance of the first part of my essay, "Art and Beauty against the Politicized...