State’s rights, state legislatures, repeal of 16th and 17th, constitutional convention, and even nullification, coming back into the so-called mainstream discussion.

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  1. I’m sorry Caleb, it’s a fine and important discussion, but seeing it start out with Glen Beck’s substitute taking about the national government “taking control over your own body,” taking away “privacy” and “freedom of choice,” and interfering with “decisions with you own physician”–all of which, of course, are primary talking points straight out of the abortion rights handbook–simply cracked me up. The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy needs a spot-editor, methinks.

  2. Move to Detriot where they are too poor to mess with the people…..

    The house of cards will fall, eventually….they always do.


  3. Any time i hear someone agitate for a “Constitutional Convention”, I know some real mischief is about to heat up

  4. I agree that the opening could have done with quite a bit of improvement Russell, I thought the rest was pretty well done. It’s a bit heartening to see the discussion on whether the Federal government is any longer legitimate, move into the mainstream, at least somewhat. It’s overdue. The social contract has been shredded.

    Thomas Woods gives a shout out to Kirkpatrick Sale, nice.

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