Nicholas Skiles

Nick Skiles is the author of Unseasonable Poems, a father of three children, hobbit and giddy curmudgeon. His work has also appeared in Conciliar Post, Jacob's Well and The House Blog at Solidarity Hall. He lives, prays, reads, writes, gardens, composts, drinks his best friend's homebrew and smokes pipes on porches in Canton, Ohio.

Recent Essays

Community and Intuition

Do not seek things too difficult for you, nor examine what is beyond your strength.Think about what is commanded you, for you do not...

Mr. Jones and Me

Place was also indispensable to our friendship whether we realized it or not. For all our determination to be malcontents, we did secretly love our home.

Pedestrian Pleasures

“Why do need to go to the Holy Land? You have an altar in your church?”

Tourism as Urban Savior?

Regardless of what one’s opinion might be regarding the HOF Festival, one thing that virtually no local wants is more of it. So, naturally that is exactly what the city plans on doing.

The Porch in Practice

In the past two years my life has changed drastically. I was laid off from one job, then let go from another. My wife...