Willis Renuart

Willis Renuart
Willis Renuart is a former attorney and restaurant owner. He lives in Akron, Ohio with his wife and three grown children and an ancient Old English Sheepdog.

Recent Essays

Bridging the Gap between Bitter Conservatives and Glib Liberals

The day will come when parents in the poorest communities will be able to say that they cannot imagine a better place to raise their children than in their neighborhoods surrounded by family and friends. This will not happen because government bureaucracies finally use the correct metrics and better redistribute the nation’s wealth.

We are Bound by Suffering and Love

Many religions understand suffering to be laden with the potential for spiritual awakening through a reduction of worldly attachments. But Christianity has a unique understanding of suffering that offers a particular kind of solace.

Where Are Conservatives?

When enough people recognize their emasculated state and demand change through the political process, then authority and resources will be given back to the local community so that people can again be responsible for their neighbors.

The Axial Age and the Sacred Community

Our disregard of tradition and community has left us alienated and estranged compared to more traditional societies that rely on a web of family, community, and religion.

The Finite Participates in the Infinite: The Early Christian Tradition that Lives in the Orthodox Church

We are limited beings distinct from God, but our earthly nature becomes beautified when it participates in the infinite. Christ’s humanity was thought to make it possible for every person to share in the divine life without ceasing to be human.

What Makes Art Beautiful?

The failure to distinguish between art and beauty has caused much confusion. Art and beauty have two different but overlapping trajectories–one towards union and the other towards transcendent reality.

In Praise of Religion’s Dark Side

The dark side of religion cannot be completely vanquished because human reason pales in the comparison to the highest reality, which is known through the light and the darkness of the religious experience.

Confucius–A Man for All Seasons

Confucius deserves a place of honor on the Front Porch because he was History’s keenest observer of the traditions and rituals that make life...

Institutional Renewal

It is hard to see a silver lining in the abuse scandal of the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, the scarring crisis has given Pope Francis...