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Happy 60th, Bill Kauffman

". . . among the keenest minds in contemporary American letters." ---Allan Carlson

I’m…Waiting for My Manuscript

Okay, one more advert for myself, or rather my latest, lukewarm off the presses from Front Porch Republic Books: Poetry Night at the Ballpark...

A Conversation with Bill Kauffman

I am the illegitimate son of Dorothy Day and H.D. Thoreau.

Irish Spring (’14 Issue)

From Notre Dame Magazine, the always excellent Jay Walljasper on the promise of the Front Porch.

Seen Your Video

This is the last audience to which I should announce such a thing but after fumbling an editing gig or two because I lacked...

What is American?

While there is much work to be done and there are no guarantees of success, we don’t have to look far for the foundations upon which to build. They are all around us.

On the Porch with Bye, Bye, Miss American Empire

I value a writer who makes me read with a dictionary. Godspeed the man with a memory.

Dilemmas of conservatism: start with the labeling…

A new book provides profiles of seminal conservative thinkers. But Lord, please, please don't read them through the outdated narrative of traditional cons, neocons, and laissez-faire cons.

Go Buy Bye Bye

In which Bill Kauffman bids a hopeful aloha to the American Imperium.

Blond, Kauffman, and Beer in the Latest TAC

The most recent issue of The American Conservative will be of interest to folks on the Porch.