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A Culture of Millstones

A plea for pastors to remember their audience.

Monarchy and Regalism

A thing without proper limits becomes its own opposite, and benevolence quickly becomes a tyranny which threatens both civil and religious order.

Kingsley Amis (!) On the Priesthood

Then it’s a bit up to you to be jolly crusty and jolly full of hell-fire and sin and damnation.

An Arch Needs Many Stones: A Response to “God’s Economy”

But how can such plural sovereignty be realised under the circumstances of this century? Who will guard the guardians, so to speak? How will the stones of the arch fit together?

On the Road Again

. . . we rediscovered the meaning of Place. Limits. Liberty.

When Friendship and Fellowship Collide

Less happy for mother is the reality that the single soul, resulting from this communion of two bodies, receives nourishment from single-malt.

Caritas in the Veritable Welfare State

We need not rely with some desperation on the Hope that is a gift, if we can gin up optimism of our own sort.

The Heart of Light and the Heart of Darkness

He is resigned to the inertia of the old Spanish cult, and willing to just let it fade away. The voluptuousness of European culture had no way to gain traction in the purity of the New Mexican desert.

Churches with Porches

JEFFERSON COUNTY, KANSAS. In the comments somewhere below, Prof. Fox mentions the regional artist John Steuart Curry. A fitting topic for my first foray...