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The Green Bay Packers – like America itself - are a study in ironies: the smallest city owning a franchise in the largest professional sport, a non-profit corporation in one of America’s most commercial businesses. It is fitting, then, that they should win the championship in Dallas – home to the Dallas Cowboys – that most market-driven of sports franchises.

Pure football?

Is there any difference now between college ball and the NFL?

Miss Coach

A woman head coach of a boy's high school football team robs the players of a male role model and diminishes the bonds of male camaraderie.

Oh When the Saints (Come Marching In)

Is happiness found in fan-dom?

Thoughts on the Return of College Football

Holland, MI. The beginning of the college football season is the closest thing to a state holiday in Michigan. The release of the new auto...

The Right Way to Kick a Football

My father played for the Philadelphia Eagles. He didn’t particularly want to: In 1933, 1934, and 1935 the Eagles were a new “franchise” in...