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The Life of Tiger: A Midwesterner’s View

Woods may be Californian by birth, and a Floridian by residence, but I believe there’s something in his latest comeback capable of stirring the soul of even the most reticent, celebrity-wary Middle American.

The Politics of Golf Carts

A polemic against golf carts might double as one against libertarian economics.

Senior Moment

If Virginia is for lovers (what an odd campaign that was), Michigan should be for duffers. I understand why some FroPo's may object to...

Against Vacation

The vacation, far from being a treatment for a serious illness, is instead a symptom of it.

Your Huddled Masses, Yearning To Make Par

I people really want to see the current state of the union, they need to take a look at my favorite part of Liberty State Park, which is the fact that it recently has been bisected – rent in two – by the Liberty National Golf Course.

Golf in the Modest Republic

Holland, MI. I’ve been fortunate enough to golf a number of courses that have been consistently ranked in “Top 100” lists, and recently I...