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Commentary on John Medaille’s Toward a Truly Free Market

It should help open the ‘closed shop’ of economic theory to a potentially rich and fruitful debate.

Perils of the Stationary State

When economic growth finally levels off, what kind of world comes after? Shall we be unchained from the mad rush for money of the last century? Or will other but equally chafing chains weigh us down instead?

The Economics of Distributism Part 1: Does Capitalism Work?

Property in the hands of labor is freedom. Labor in the hands of property is slavery. --Dmitri Kleiner From the earliest days of Distributism, distributists have exhibited...

I Want to Be a Consumer

A bit of doggerel from Punch Magazine (25 April 1934). I Want to Be a Consumer “And what do you mean to be?” The kind old Bishop...

The Long Run

Alexandria, VA It has become a commonplace to observe that the thought of John Maynard Keynes is back in fashion. Keynes argued strenuously on...

Growth or Virtue?

RINGOES, NJ. The numbers keep rolling in. The Dow is below 7000. Unemployment is above 8%. In the fourth quarter of 2008, the economy...