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A Review of Verlaine Stoner Mcdonald’s The Red Corner

In her 2010 book, The Red Corner: The Rise and Fall of Communism in Northeastern Montana, Verlaine Stoner McDonald resurrects the surprising but largely forgotten episode of agrarian radicalism in Sheridan County, Montana. Over ten years after its publication, McDonald’s stellar work of microhistory continues to provide food for thought to readers interested in both the political promise and limits of agrarianism, localism, and left-wing populism.

Great. When Ya Leavin’? A Love Song for Montana

While every people has a right to cultural solidarity and (peaceful and just) defense of their traditions and heritage, every moral person (especially every Christian) is also called to a deep sense of humility, forgiveness, and ultimately love of neighbor—even when that other raises the housing prices literally ten-fold in twenty years.

Saving Fish in Montana

Here's an article about a farmer in Montana who has worked tirelessly for years to effect changes to a dam that allows fish to...

Flipping the Woolly Bugger

Finding myself 2000 miles from Montana but with a couple of boys who want to go fishing, we ventured into the brown waters of...

Cowboy Poetry

An actual cowboy's life was a far cry from a John Wayne Western.

Memories: Montana Ranch

It was the kind of responsibility that forces a kid to grow up.

A River Runs Through Me

Do you ever long for the place of your childhood? Does it still exist?

Nomen est Omen

  Henry County, Kentucky.  If your name is your fate, what does the future hold for Rylynn Shikaela Novaleigh? There she is in the paper, age...