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Opportunity in the Ruins

Hidden Springs Lane. The dust has hardly settled over the Great Campaign of 2012 and already the same people are arguing about The Fiscal...

The Politics of Gratitude: Scale, Place and Community in a Global...

Here is an excerpt from my recently published book: The Politics of Gratitude: Scale, Place and Community in a Global Age. American politics is broken....

What’s Wrong with the Republican Party?

An ill-fitting presidential nominee led to an election loss. A better nominee might win next time--but is winning enough?

As Goes Reid, So Goes America (Maybe, Unfortunately)

Harry Reid's election in Nevada is all about an argument over the direction of the American system. Would that we could argue about the nature of that system instead.

Gridlock and the Common Good

Events may soon conspire to force a conversation about the common good and the limits of power. Until that happens, gridlock may be the best option.

And the Jays Have it (Republican Bunning Hazards the Impolitic)

As one of literary bent and so frequently guilty of casting the charge of a Pox On Both Houses at our besotted political parties, I was impressed that at long last, at least one Republican stalwart stood tall and took a beating in the name of fiscal discipline.

Constitutional Kookiness

For years, two-faced Republican demagogues have served up phony-baloney about how much they love little country churches, Norman Rockwell paintings, and old-fashioned American life, even while they were simultaneously encouraging government-subsidized corporations to steamroll Mom & Pop businesses and turn main streets into chain-store strip-malls.

Limbaugh vs. the Front Porch

DALLAS, TX. I am bemused, appalled, and fascinated -- more or less at the same time -- by the foofarah over Rush Limbaugh's CPAC...