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Second-Hand Sex

Hillsdale, Michigan. Perhaps it is a function of having been reared by two alums of Bob Jones University -- where, let's be clear,...

It’s a Boy! It’s a Girl! It’s a Technology-Enabled “Sex Party”!

How do we explain a culture that tells children that sex doesn’t matter much, that “girls can do anything boys can do,” and at the same moment is treating the sex of infants in the womb as a critical, determining fact?

Lessons from the Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore teaches us something about the tragic dimensions of the culture in which we live, and in which we raise young people.

Our Hookup Culture

Hooking up is almost bound to emerge as a norm among young adults in a large-scale society where mobility is highly prized and cultivated.

Iowa… Place of the Drowsy Ones

OWEN TOWNSHIP, WINNEBAGO COUNTY, ILLINOIS: According to one legend, the word Iowa means "Place of the Drowsy Ones" in some extinct Indian tongue. This...

Deadly Vices

Alexandria, VA. In a recent column, E.J. Dionne precedes his praise for a new economic populism - anger of the populace directed at economic...