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Leisure Starts at Home

If leisure is the basis of culture, it must first be the basis of home life. So I argue over at Ethika Politika: Leisure as...

Fences, Vines, Bees, and Huge Chickens

Hidden Springs Lane. We’re building fence this summer. I purchased 150 eight foot posts and we’ve been slowly planting them. We’re putting a paddock...

Chicken Palace and Too Many Roosters

Hidden Springs Lane. This spring we got chickens. In preparation for the arrival of the chicks, a coop needed to be built. Being the...

Where Will You Die?

Hidden Spring Lane. “I plan on dying here.” The words came quite unbidden and surprised me. We were in the process of building a...

Memories: Montana Ranch

It was the kind of responsibility that forces a kid to grow up.

The Gift of Good Work

What if every day was given to rest, eating, and relaxation?

Democracy as Spectacle: The Messianic Compulsions of our Republic

Americans do not need a Messiah because this nation is not Heaven on Earth.

Hot Tub Economics

The ideology of free trade and managed society continues to destroy the prospects of a prosperous American in the Twenty-First Century. Let us dig down and return to the one true economics: making and acquiring for the sake of sustaining the household and the country.

Wasting Time

A friend of mine with a penchant for self-effacement said “There’s just not enough time to get the work done and procrastinate.” It is not that he only works well under pressure, he only works under pressure. He reads voraciously in history and poetry when neglecting his dissertation, and (to be honest) drinks too many gins and tonic over good conversation. In our modern age his habits fall under the general category of wasting time, along with, well, just about everything not productive or immediately relating to a “useful” end.

The Economic Stork

The answers we get are dictated by the questions we ask, but there was one question which always grated on my wife's nerves, no...