Jason Peters

In Defense of Layoffs, Contempt for Tradition

July 19, 2014
Take therefore every thought for the morrow.
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The Dumb Ass Suffers a Cardio-Semantic Arrest

tail-lights-00 July 16, 2014
It’s the Big One. Tell the kids I love them. Wait at least a week to remarry.
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Four Words to Change the World

jack pine tree July 9, 2014
Situate the preference where it is, not where it isn’t.
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On the Nightstand: Macbeth

June 30, 2014
Our sweetest singer knew something about limits.
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Hang the Nanny-State Meddlers

ball-peen-hammer June 25, 2014
Wearing your seat belt is a sign of good citizenship.
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Dispatches from the Barn Jester and Purveyor of Haufenmist

horse-manure-bruce-ritchie June 17, 2014
Be worthy of your place.
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Too Much Magic, Part Two

Shell-Now-Interested-in-CO2-Driven-Enhanced-Oil-Recovery-440378-2 June 11, 2014
Face the future with hope.
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“Your Secrets Aren’t Safe With You,” She Says

Cops-and-Donuts June 4, 2014
I don’t want to get banned for life from my own bed.
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Too Much Magic: A Half Report

download May 28, 2014
He’s no hack.
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On the Nightstand This Week

May 19, 2014
... are three old favorites.
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Settlement (at Last) at Dumb-Ass Acres

morel May 14, 2014
It’s tough being a good Christian these days.
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Spandex, Hegel, and the Double Dumb-Ass Victory

What_is_the_Proper_Soldering_Technique_6593119_460 May 7, 2014
It's inscrutable.
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The Common Bore Curriculum

May 6, 2014
Don’t miss Anthony Esolen on the Commmon Core.…
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We Interrupt the Dispatches to Get Schooled in Masculinity

Bored-Students April 30, 2014
All things are socially constructed except the immutable doctrine that all things are socially constructed.
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“Centered on Their Own Community”

April 24, 2014
So says Michael W. Hannon of the Norbertines at St. Michael's Abbey.
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Give Me the Local Color

04_14_52_web April 22, 2014
He shows me a map of New York and points to his home town.
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