Mary Vander Goot

The Silly Season is Here Again

honey-wagon June 23, 2015
Elections are here, but manure-spreading is nothing new.
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Saving Church for Adults

Church service March 10, 2015
Grand Rapids, MI Recently, in a posting entitled “A Culture of Millstones,” Katharine Dalton has lamented the too-colorful language her children are exposed to in church – words like whore, prostitute, pole-dance, and sleeping around.  Apparently some pastors, four in…
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Not Hurting Anybody

film October 23, 2012
At the film festival in Cannes this past summer and at the Toronto film festival in the fall, Nick Cassavetes brought to the screen his new film Yellow.  It is about a woman mired in addictions, haunted by scrambled memories,…
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Dear Friends . . . or Maybe Not!

friend January 3, 2012
Several times lately I’ve opened my email and found notices about people who want to friend me, but I don’t think that means they want to befriend me. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and his buddies, what used to be a…
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The Right to Lie

truth August 22, 2011
If you must lie, measure it against your own self-interest and make sure it is legal, and if at all possible try not to do it under oath.
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Ethnic Bingo

bingo July 26, 2011
In Bingo-land it is not appropriate to talk about yourself until you have found some shared link. In general it is more acceptable to talk about who you are (your social fabric) than what you do (your claim to fame).
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A Tip of the Hat to Courtesy

tip of the hat March 22, 2011
Grand Rapids, MI. Strange things happen in the checkout lane. The elderly man at the head of the line was pausing to look at something in his hand. No, not his cell phone. I suspect it was his shopping list.…
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