Pete Peterson


packers February 8, 2011
The Green Bay Packers – like America itself - are a study in ironies: the smallest city owning a franchise in the largest professional sport, a non-profit corporation in one of America’s most commercial businesses. It is fitting, then, that they should win the championship in Dallas – home to the Dallas Cowboys – that most market-driven of sports franchises.
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Home of the Brave?

400px-Stagecoach-rifle3 November 24, 2010
At what price security? A call for national fortitude.
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The City of Bell and the Problem of Local Control

boss tweed August 3, 2010
“It enabled us to create our own vision for the future. That was the way I look at it then and now.” I guess part of that “vision” was Tammany Hall.
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The “New Normal:” A Communitarian Moment?

Locals at Polihale repair the park. June 5, 2010
It’s been almost exactly a year since the “Miracle at Polihale” occurred, and the answer to the “aloha question” is now clear: we are entering a “new normal.”
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Cameron’s “Big Society” and its Discontents

biggovernmentbigproblems April 9, 2010
I can’t seem to get the Orwellian thought of a “National Department of Bigness” out of my head – where everything is kept small and local…except the Department.
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Cocktails at the Dump

August 4, 2009
My father in-law, Ron, tells me a story of what life was like when he moved his young family (my wife not yet born) to the bucolic Southern California college town of Claremont in the mid-1960’s. Life was simpler then:…
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