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And Then Came the Chickens, Part Two: A Dispatch from...

“Bawk-bawk be-gehk!” she cries, and I know just where she’s coming from.

And Then Came The Chickens—After the Bobcat: A Dispatch

Heaven favored me with three successive clement weekends.

From the Nut House (And Into the Nut House) the Bar...

They should be required to share a double bed and commit adultery with each other every night—twice if possible.

Bar Jester’s Writing Seminar II; or, How to Write Like a...

If you want to write worse than the average undergraduate male, consider philosophy.

Straight Man: An FPR Revaluation

Her breasts are too good for the local market.

Something’s Fishy–But Not Very–At Dinnertime

Ingham County, MI As darkness falls upon what a friend of mine charitably calls “Jack-Ass Acres,” and as the promise of rain comes with the...

Auld Lame Side

This is what we all need now: a deep belly-laugh.

On Being a Worthy Heir of the Agrarian Contrarians

But, as Shakespeare wrote, we sometimes “by indirections find directions out.”

The American Aesop

Hillsdale, MI. It is said that Aesop, despite making all his characters animals and thus avoiding being Nathan to his contemporary Davids, was finally...