Longtime ghostwriter Nancy French tells her own tale in Ghosted: An American Life.  French was raised in rural Tennessee and would later provide the words behind famous talking heads but found her own enchanting voice amid political and personal tumult.   


1:15                Mud pies for Parisians

6:00                Hillbillies on the run

9:30                Romney/Palin ‘08

11:00              Prison break with the Kardashians

13:30              Pulling political punches

20:00              Google University School of Journalism

27:30              French Holy Ghost revival

31:30              Befriending a critic

38:00              Laker girl

39:30              Trusting God with cancer

42:00              Back on the case


Nancy’s website and buy the book

John’s review

Wendell Kimbrough helps us find our way home

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