Ashley Colby

Ashley Colby
Ashley Colby is an environmental sociologist whose work focuses on the myriad creative ways in which people are forming new social worlds in resistance to the failures of the late industrial era. Ashley founded the Rizoma Field School, which offers experiential study abroad in Uruguay for post-secondary students.

Recent Essays

Family over FIRE

What is the goal of life? Cultural messaging has tricked many of us into thinking it is wealth and status, or career advancement. For us, it is the project of our marriage, our family, friends, and the good we can do in the world.

The Jeffersonians on the Margins of NatCon

What is being outlined here is fundamentally a Wendell Berry conservatism: our solutions are not global in nature. They might not even be national in nature. It asks individuals to get involved at the lowest possible scale, in church and on school boards, to be productive in the home and show up in a community as ways to build an emergent virtuous and meaningful life now.