Art Kusserow

Art Kusserow
Art Kusserow, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker in Pennsylvania, having graduated with a BA in psychology from Westminster College (PA) and a MSW from the University of Pittsburgh. He is a behavioral health professional and has worked as a mental health/substance use disorder clinician, Level I medical trauma social worker, and healthcare consultant for more than 40 years. He currently provides individual and marital therapy at Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute, a faith-friendly group psychotherapy practice in Pittsburgh, PA, and has previously published work in Quillette and Voegelin View.

Recent Essays

A Son’s Journey to His Father

Men often reflect on their relationship with their fathers during these coincidences of milestones; a similar thing often happens when a son reaches the age his father was when the son was born.

Pears, Asparagus, and Contemporary Psychotherapy

Even in our modern age, then, it seems that Trueman’s “modern self” as narcissistic echo chamber, unconstrained by relationships with family and community, has not entirely triumphed after all.