Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor is the Cowan Fellow for Criticism at the University of Dallas in Irving, TX, where he is currently finishing a dissertation which unearths the shared political vision of two 20th century Catholic novelists, Flannery O’Connor and Evelyn Waugh, through an examination of the way in which their imagined modern cities lack civic friendship and xenia (hospitality classically understood), as reflected in their refiguring of the Western literary tradition. He has published academic articles in Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture (2022), the James Dickey Review (2022), the Flannery O’Connor Review (2021), and English Studies (2019), as well as reviews of fiction, nonfiction, and film as well as poetry (translations and original lyrics) in various magazines, including Dappled Thing, Law & Liberty, The European Conservative and The American Conservative.

Recent Essays

Southern Hospitality in the New Machine Age

It’s not perhaps that the world doesn’t need change, but that as anti-Machine author Paul Kingsnorth put it in these pages, “the first work is changing yourself.” We have to live where we’re placed, and for Eve at the Meat and Malt, right now that means continuing to serve the guests who entreat her for sustenance, despite the intrusion of the impersonal into her hospitality.