Austin Hoffman

Austin Hoffman teaches Latin at The Ambrose School in Meridian, ID. He has previously written for the Circe Institute, The Imaginative Conservative, and FORMA. He, his wife, and two boys enjoy spending time outdoors or reading a good book.

Recent Essays

Awkward Family Dinner: A Review of Reforming Classical Education

Any reformation requires a standard. How else could you measure progress? The standard of reviving classical learning should plainly include those revered authors who inspired and contributed to that tradition.

Walking alongside Wisdom: A review of Learning the Good Life

Lying on a bed at 2:00 AM idly flipping through a book while texting a friend isn’t likely to be a transformative experience. Treating education as a hoop to jump through to secure a job, make money, and consume leads to practices serving that end. The authors in this book will challenge our perceptions about what learning is for.