Christina Baker

Christina Baker
Christina Baker received a BA in Latin and Classical Studies from Tulane University, which has occasionally been helpful as she homeschools her five children. Her writing has appeared in Channel Magazine, Sunlight Press, Stonecrop Review, Geez Magazine, and in the anthology Darkness is as Light (Park End Books). She enjoys hiking, gardening, and identifying backyard bugs with her children.

Recent Essays

In Defense of Playdates

In a perfect world, our children would romp out the door after completing their chores and their schoolwork (we homeschool) and knock politely at their best friend’s door, who lived just around the corner in our quiet, speeding-car-free neighborhood, and spend a couple of hours engaged in free creative play, or a massive self-directed building project, or an epic game of Scrabble. How I sometimes wish we lived in that world!