Carla Galdo

Carla Galdo
Carla Galdo works for Well-Read Mom as an editor, writer, and content creator. She has written for a variety of publications including Humanum: Issues in Family, Culture, and Science and Columbia Magazine. Carla earned a Masters of Theological Studies from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family, and is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the University of St. Thomas-Houston. She and her husband homeschool their six children on a small hobby farm in rural Virginia.

Recent Essays

Delighting in the Great Possessions

Still, Berry maintains, the particularly Amish ways of working, rejoicing, and relaxing work together to promote the “great possessions” enumerated by Kline in his essays. “The lives of fellow creatures and our delight in those lives are great possessions,” writes Berry. Kline delights in what surrounds him on his daily round of labor, whether it be nesting bobolinks, his children, or the neighboring farms whose owners he all knows by name.

Rooted in Reality

We were all, adults and children alike, doing things that really mattered to the whole free world, and we’d better get on with doing them, every day, all the time. Everyone came from somewhere else and was hustling on their way to somewhere more important. Perhaps we were, all of us, rootless.