David Bannon

David Bannon
David Bannon is the author of two books on grief: Wounded in Spirit: Advent Art and Meditations (Paraclete Press, 2018) and Songs on the Death of Children (Toplight, 2022).

Recent Essays

Shakespeare’s Grief

After a pandemic took his son, the Bard would never be the same

Facing Loss with Job and Faust

“Adonai has compassion,” sang the psalmist, “for he understands how we are made, he remembers that we are dust.” Perhaps in our dust of grief, we see clearly for the first time.

A Really Real God

If an invisible world is a reality, then a creator is probable, as the deists suggest, and perhaps even plausible. God may well be really real, just as I had supposed in my childhood years. I believe so.

Eisenhower’s Grief

Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower found solace in their dead son’s favorite color

Twenty Years with Philip

The difference a pen pal can make

Roosevelt’s Grief

Theodore Roosevelt never recovered from the loss of his son in WWI

The Hidden Sorrow of Valentine’s Day

Surviving the holiday without our loved ones


“I don’t roll on nobody,” I said, abysmal grammar and all, but a jail cell is no place for linguistic niceties. My voice was...