Dixie Dillon Lane

Dixie Dillon Lane is an American historian, professor, and homeschooling mother living in Front Royal, Virginia, where she has taught students of all ages. She and her husband, also a historian, enjoy having nerdy and raucous dinnertime conversations about history with their four vibrant children. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame. Dixie can be found on Twitter @DixieDillonLane.

Recent Essays

In Schooling as in Life, More Than Enough is Too Much

Being a teacher is a demanding job, whether in a college, school, or home setting. It requires tremendous energy, responsiveness, and mental flexibility. It requires that you, the teacher, also be willing to let yourself be taught.

Hard Times, Landscape, and Memory

The memory of pain has the power to protect our joy. The land, the place, the names, the people; these are what connect us to today and to every past day.