David Eisenberg

David Eisenberg
David A. Eisenberg is an associate professor of political science at Eureka College. His online work has appeared at Quillette, VoegelinView, Public Discourse, Merion West, and The Agonist, among other places. His first book, provisionally entitled All Things Being Equal: Nietzsche and Tocqueville on the Democratization of Humanity, is slated to be published in 2021 (Lexington Books).

Recent Essays

Nihilistic Pieties: On the Souls of Woke Folk

One need not be a Nietzschean to recognize that something is rotten in the states of America and in the West more broadly. It was Nietzsche’s view that the civilization could not be saved, even if pieces of it could be salvaged.

College and its End(s)

“College and its End(s)”---that was the title I had given to the section of senior seminar I taught this past fall. The class was...