Daniel Griffith

Daniel Griffith
Daniel Firth Griffith is a rewilding pioneer and award-winning indie author of three books. His next book, Stagtine: Kincentric Rewilding, Science, and a Tale of Letting Go, will be released Spring, 2024. Described as the poet laureate of the climate crisis by Allan Savory—the Zimbabwe-based originator of Regenerative Agriculture—Daniel is the founder of Timshel Wildland, the largest rewilding and relational conservation project in the Eastern United States, and the Robinia Institute, a center for rewilding’s social emergence and the Mid-Atlantic's Educational Hub of the Savory Institute. Daniel is the host of Denusion: The Daniel Griffith Podcast and writes regularly on Substack under The Wildland Chronicles. He lives in Virginia with his wife and three children.

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