Davin Heckman

Davin Heckman
Davin Heckman is a Professor of Mass Communication at Winona State University and the author of A Small World: Smart Houses and the Dream of the Perfect Day. His area of research is creative digital media practices, and is exploring his growing interest in Jacques Ellul, Rene Girard, and Dorothy Day. Mainly, Davin enjoys spending time with his family.

Recent Essays

The Poetics of Family Life

Taken alone, the tactical state of childhood itself mounts a magnificent resistance to the rigidity of the adult world. But children do not live in a vacuum: they live in homes; they form the family

Cyber-Sophistry, or How ChatGPT Unmasks the Emptiness of AI

AI is the culmination of an ideological fantasy of elite control, woven into the very infrastructure of commonplace media technologies. When it gets used to talking to us, we may get used to talking to it, and at that moment, the legacy of human culture is at risk.