Daniel Ray

Daniel Ray
Daniel Ray is a full-time staff researcher and apologist with Watchman.org in Arlington, Texas, a non-profit interfaith evangelism ministry equipping the body of Christ to engage with people of other religions, cults, and non-Christian worldviews. Daniel helps facilitate the monthly Atheist and Christian Book Club, is host of the Apologetics Profile and Good Heavens! podcasts, and is the co-editor and co-contributor along with Dr. Paul M. Gould of the 2019 book The Story of the Cosmos: How the Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

Recent Essays

Dr. Rigby’s Ugly Cry

For all the enhanced resolution of our universe Webb brings, for all the material analysis this new device supplies to scientists’ burgeoning cosmic databases, informing the denizens of Earth just what the universe is made of, NASA is not one whit closer to explaining what the universe actually is.