Harry Zeiders

Harry Zeiders
Harry's front porch is in Weldon, North Carolina. He is the vicar of Resurrection, an Anglican (ACNA) church family in Emporia, Virginia, one of the most impoverished and smallest cities in the commonwealth. His previous front porches have been in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Northern Virginia, and Northern Ireland.

Recent Essays

Enchanting Axioms: The Snake Oil in the Water We Drink

As-Long-As-Your’re-Happy . . . Follow-Your-Heart . . . Be-True-To-Yourself . . . Believe-In-Yourself . . . Live-Your-Truth . . . Be-Your-Best-Self . . . Do-What-You-Love — the aphorisms of our day are elegant. They sound like beautiful advice. They’re certainly enticing. Who wouldn’t want to be their best self?