Jeremy Larson

Jeremy Larson (PhD, Baylor University) is an assistant professor at Regent University, specializing in seventeenth-century literature. He has published book reviews for The Gospel Coalition, Christianity & Literature, Modern Reformation, and Mythlore, and he has contributed chapters to books on Paradise Lost and young adult fiction. He lives with his family in Virginia Beach.

Recent Essays

Planting and Tending the Lost Seeds of Learning

Anyone involved in Christian education, from primary levels to higher education, including teachers and administrators, will benefit from contemplating Donnelly’s reimagined trivium, even if that contemplation requires rigorous effort at times. John Milton concludes his seventeenth-century treatise on education by acknowledging the difficulty of his proposed plan, saying that those capable of completing his program are as rare as someone able to string the legendary bow of Odysseus. Donnelly’s scope of transformation may seem like an impossible undertaking, yet even if it is not possible for everyone to achieve the level of faith integration suggested here, anyone can still benefit by choosing particular areas for improvement.