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Is Progressivism Sustainable?

We cannot sustain the rhetoric of conservation and sustainability if our society remains fixated on ideas of economic and technological progress. We cannot become a people who cherish the land and seas if we continue to expect an unsustainable degree of material affluence.

Solar’s Dirty Secret

In 2017 I moved back home to Livingston County after serving seven years in the United States Marine Corps. A father, a veteran, and...

Thoughts on Localism and Resilience

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak to the "Resilience Group," an informal gathering of environmentalists, activists, and interested others that meet regularly at...

A Semester of Teaching Sustainability

The semester has come to an end here at Friends University, and students are leaving campus for their holiday break. Right now I'm grading,...

The Politics of the Clothesline

Yesterday I ambled towards my cottage, returning from putting the cattle out to pasture for the evening. The sun was sinking low in the...

The Banks we Deserve, the Economy we can Sustain

If you didn't catch this panel put on by Marketplace and BBC, it's pretty exciting. It takes the expert panel only about 10 minutes (2:00...

Getting the Garden Going, One Baby-Step at a Time

This academic year Friends University found itself wondering what to do with a plot of land, directly beside and behind some student dormitories. Through...

Old is Green

(Or, Fix Your Darn Windows)

The Sustainability Stampede

The diversity club ran its course, and has been replaced with "second-wave environmentalism," a.k.a. our culprit, sustainability.

Mill, Hayek, and Our Midas Plight

Call it Factory Planet: a world in which natural processes are treated as parts of a vast world-machine operated to produce a maximum amount of wealth for humans.