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Ted Lasso and the Temptation of “Aww, Shucks” Idealism

Is there an alternative to the Ted Lasso cynicism-versus-optimism dichotomy, an alternative that recognizes human limitations but nonetheless offers hope? I might start with becoming attentive enough to our ignorance, and expectant enough of our own mistakes that we not overshoot the scale of what we’re trying to do.

The Social Network Fantasy

In today’s Los Angeles Times, Neil Gabler has an insightful piece on the way in which the “gang of friends” has become the dominant social group on American television.

Not a “Modern Family” At All

Claremont, CA. ABC’s hit series “Modern Family” has returned to the air for its second season. It’s the “modern” elements of the “Modern Family” that...

Lessons from the Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore teaches us something about the tragic dimensions of the culture in which we live, and in which we raise young people.

Big Secrets

  Claremont, CA. Yesterday I was walking past the post office in my latte-liberal, bohemian-bourgeois town, when I saw a picture of President Obama made...

Turn On, Tune In, Watch TV

  Claremont, CA. I am not ashamed to admit it: I like television. I think television is important. I think television is worth watching.  Oh, I...

Why we do not own a Television

April was "Media Awareness Month" at our sons' school. I took a couple weeks off from the Porch, and I also published a...

The Ad-Man Cometh (for your Children)

RINGOES, NJ. March Madness is finally over. And for the first time in years, I actively participated in the madness. For most of our...

“For all the Small Schools”: Or, It’s Hoosiers Time

'Tis the season to hie on down to the high school gym. Via First Principles, herewith my piece on Hoosiers, one of the...