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Does Wendell Berry Have Rose-Colored Glasses?

Given the unpopular and uncompromising stands that Wendell Berry takes, it’s only natural that many readers fiercely disagree with him. Some of these disagreements...

The Seer: Seeing Through Wendell Berry’s Eyes

Laura Dunn’s The Seer: A Portrait of Wendell Berry (later retitled Look & See) begins with the blurred lights of cars speeding along freeways and the...

Wendell Berry Opts Out of the ‘Culture of Violence’

Our Only World: Ten Essays. By Wendell Berry. Berkeley: Counterpoint, 2015. In January of 2012, Wendell Berry delivered a speech at Georgetown College that explained...

Berry at SAMLA

Jeffrey Bilbro reviews Wendell Berry's appearance at SAMLA.


Gracy Olmstead attended the FPR conference in Louisville and gives this fine description of the conference and the localist ideals animating FPR. Excerpt: One elderly gentleman...

Four Words to Change the World

Situate the preference where it is, not where it isn’t.

A Semester of Teaching Sustainability

The semester has come to an end here at Friends University, and students are leaving campus for their holiday break. Right now I'm grading,...

History as Parable

History is never merely history.

The Limits of Place

Hidden Springs, VA. Recently Ross Douthat commented on Rod Dreher’s new book in a column devoted to the rising incidence of suicide and the...

An Ancient Legacy of Form: Guardini on Mastery and Nearness

Our dwelling place is the state not of nature but of culture.