Writes Pat Buchanan of his work these last ten years:

Our agenda in that decade was—stay out of wars that are not our business, economic patriotism, secure borders, and America first.

Not, as he a observes, a platform to woo the Wall Street Journal, and probably not one likely to inspire a country that has willingly accepted being coddled by a State that is two parts nanny and three parts truncheon.  In a real country, of course, it would seem a most eminent catalogue of sound judgments.

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James Matthew Wilson
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  1. “and your point?”

    I’d say that the point is that a florilegium of out-of-context quotations can say pretty much whatever the compiler wants it to say.

  2. In what context, pray tell, would you find these statements to be less than reprehensible?

    [FPR: none of them are]

  3. Buchanan’s blunt commentary on issues from which leftists and craven “conservatives” flee is a service to us all; his refusal to toe the line of America’s de facto state religion is inspiring.

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