Brian Miller

Brian Miller
Brian Miller has farmed with his partner, Cindy, since 1999 in one of what naturalist John Muir called the “small slanting valleys” of East Tennessee. They raise sheep and hogs to provide meat for their own table and those of their lucky customers, as well as growing far more food than the two of them could possibly eat. He is the author of Kayaking with Lambs: Notes from an East Tennessee Farmer.

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Farewell, Peak Literacy, We Hardly Knew You

I’ve also been struck by the number of people in the book-producing-and-selling business who are uninterested in their product. On the retail end, there was the manager of a bookstore who admitted, without embarrassment, that she doesn’t read books and never has. She might as well have been stamping passports for the lack of excitement and knowledge she exhibited as she went about putting books on the shelves.

Kayaking with Lambs

The newest book from FPR Books is Brian Miller's Kayaking with Lambs. Enjoy this excerpt, and then pick up a copy of the book. This...