Caleb Stegall

Caleb Stegall
Caleb Stegall lives in Jefferson County, Kansas.

Recent Essays

Symbol of the Age

Looting as the psycho-spiritual symbol of the welfare age: "But it’s more than childish destructiveness motivating the rioters. At a more fundamental level, these are...

Hedge Farm

"n February, Thomas Hoenig, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, warned against the violent possibilities of a farmland bubble, telling...

Localism and Globalism Again (and a Note)

What kind of conservative takes a dim view of his country’s established institutions, feels something less than at home with its way of life as it actually lives it, and finds it difficult to identify himself with the political and moral principles on which it has acted through its history?

Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Last time, Palin wasn't the point. This time, she is.

Further Clarity

Is the Porch anti-American?

The American Conservative

Where else can one find such a wide ranging, wise, witty, and downright winsome collection of thinkers and writers in one tactile, fold-over-double, take-to-the-porcelain-throne, nap-with-on-the-couch, 100-percent-carpal-tunnel-free place?

Who Would be Out of Work?

What's left? The overschooled and the underschooled, both of them unusually dependent upon government largesse, or upon government largeness.

Kinsley on False Choices

Michael Kinsley amps up Patrick's "false choice" rhetoric.

The Infinitesimal Fraction, or, the Swindle of Consent

Where does that leave us? With the difficult job of recovering the sturdy Jeffersonian virtues of the freeman—virtues of thrift, being rooted in one’s place, hard work, pride of ownership, the orderly use of time, fierce independence of spirit, self-sufficiency, charity towards one’s neighbor, a refusal to bend the knee to any master, membership in a communal identity, and a return to family economies that place a strong incentive on having children.

Peter Thiel

It may turn out that both intellectual development and the pursuit of filthy lucre are best pursued without the millstone of a college degree (and the debts, both monetary and intellectual, that come with it).

Why Is This Man Wearing Gloves?

Because the rent is too damn high!